Science to Policy at UCR is home to two prestigious professional development programs that bridge the gap between science and policy.  Students enrolled in one or both of these programs gain skills in communication, government relations, and networking in science policy.

S2P Certificate:  Upon completion of an intensive 10-week workshop, S2P Certificate holders will have built a portfolio of documents and knowledge which they can use in future engagements with policymakers and the broader public.  In the classroom, certificate students will learn about the policymaking process through weekly discussions with local government officials, staffers, and professors in UCR's School of Public Policy.  Outside of the classroom, students will complete assignments such as an op-ed, a scientific analysis of a policy issue, and a short and catchy business card to hand out during meetings with government staff.

Designated Emphasis (D.E.) in Public Policy:  Designed as a "Ph.D. minor" in the School of Public Policy, students in the D.E. program complete a series of courses in the School of Public Policy and write a publication-worthy paper reviewing a policy issue and its potential solutions.